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Desserts, a delight for the palate, represent the tastiest part in moments of conviviality, a party or a celebration.

The imagination of the producers of sweets has no limits, there are a larger-than-life quantity for all shapes and tastes. Many professionals are constantly working on researching new products, others are working to perfect an already existing product. There is no ingredient, aroma or additive that is not required to make its contribution in the production of these delights.

Special processes are used in the confectionery industry to give their products that touch of originality and goodness. Flour cooling, icing sugar production, fat dissolvers, invert sugar production are just some of the applications that require the use of dedicated systems.

Silos Revolution manufactures these types of plants for the production of:

  • Candies and similar
  • Biscuits and similar
  • Croissants and similar
  • Sweet leavened products
  • Sweet snacks
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