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Powders Filtering Systems


The powders filtering systems are used to expel the process air from a pneumatic circuit, on the one hand, and retain the transported product on the other.

Silos Revolution accurately sizes each filter system because it takes care of its customers. An oversized filter is a waste of resources for the customer. An undersized filter negatively affects the pneumatic conveying of the product, also negatively affecting the customer’s production.

  • Vent filters directly on the top of monolithic external silos or implemented in vent centralization systems with fine dust collection hopper and discharge valve.
  • Self-cleaning sleeves filters on scale or cyclone hoppers. The fine powders at the end of the pneumatic transport fall directly into the hopper.
  • Filtering systems for extractor hoods with stainless-steel self-cleaning monotube filter with discharge valve or with recuperation of the fine powders directly in the hopper.
  • Powders filtering and recuperation systems for particular products for chemical and pharmaceutical food use.
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