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Pneumatic Conveying

Pneumatic conveying is used in industries to move constant quantities of products over time (powders or granules), from a place dedicated to storage to a place dedicated to production or packaging. 

A transport line can serve several production lines with the peculiarity of being able to move the lines a few meters, in the case of some systems modification, without having the need to replace all the existing transport.

For a transport of this nature it is essentially used: a blower, an extraction from a silo, pipe, one or more filters for the escape of the air introduced into the system by the blower. Depending on the complexity of the plant could be used: line diverters, line couplings, rotary valves, vibro-sifters, vents on cyclones, etc.

Each transport has its own specificity also depending on the type of product to be transported and the outputs to be respected.

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