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Granular Products Cleaning Systems

The cleaning of granular products such as cereals and legumes takes place by means of some cleaning machines which, contextualized in a complete system, are arranged according to precise criteria and could be used several times during the technological cycle to have a higher cleaning gradient.

Classifier aspirator pre-cleaner 

The classifier aspirator pre-cleaner is the first machine in the product cleaning cycle.

Made of painted carbon steel sheets, it consists of two truncated cones, having an inspection tube and a product distribution impeller.

The supply is completed by:

  • N°1 electric fan.
  • N°1 Settling cyclone.
  • N°1 Two-way gravity diverter.

Vibro Separator

The vibro-separator is made of painted carbon steel.

In its total it consists of a metal case containing a double series of sieves arranged with an inclination suitable for the type of separation desired.

The holes on the upper sieves are large, in order to separate lumps and large impurities that remain above, from the cereal that passes through the sieves and falls on the second sieve with smaller holes, the fine impurities (sand and soil) fall to the bottom while the corn remains on top and duct to the drain.

The linear trajectory vibrating movement of the screens is given by two motor-vibrators with eccentric masses, fixed directly on the sieving body.

The sieves consist of a perforated sheet (upper sieve) and a steel mesh grid (lower sieve). They are easy to remove to simplify cleaning and / or replacement.

The rejects are evacuated by ducts arranged on the two sides of the machine.

The automatic cleaning of the sieves is carried out by the percussion of rubber balls circulating freely in special compartments, obtained in the sieves themselves, supported by a metal mesh with raised meshes.

The layer of product thus obtained enters the suction duct where the speed of the air removes the fine and light parts with a specific weight lower than those of the product to be cleaned.

An air flow regulation system allows you to vary the speed and flow rate.

Vertical Aspirator with Air Recycling

The vertical aspirator separates and decants the impurities using a recirculation of air.

It can be used individually or combined with other machines according to the customer’s needs.

The machine made with steel sheets, is composed of:

  • Vibrating drawer body, consisting of a vibrating drawer anchored to the machine body with anti-vibration joints and integral with a vibrating motion which gives it a vibrating motion.
  • Machine body, composed in the upper part by two fans driven by a motorization and in the lower part by a waste screw for the extraction of the waste product, dosed by an airtight valve.
  • On the opposite side of the product introduction there is a vertically adjustable sheet for the distribution of the product flow.
  • An adjustable sluice gate is provided for adjusting the grain flow intake.
  • The machine structure is made of welded steel sheet.

Rotating Cleaner

The rotating cleaner is mainly used for those products that do not need to have a rough cleaning.

Made of carbon steel, it essentially consists of:

  • A structure with removable galvanized sheet metal doors for outdoor use.
  • A variable inclination rotating drum controlled by a gear motor and inclination adjustment slide.
  • Easily replaceable cylindrical elements in perforated sheet metal.
  • Each element has its own hopper to allow for any product differentiation.
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